Watercolor Wonder – #1

Watercolor Wonder - #1

Today I’m sharing my first watercolor wonder with you. You may be asking…what is a watercolor wonder? This is how watercolor wonders came about. One day I finished a watercolor project and saw that there was quite a bit of left over paint. I grabbed a scrap of watercolor paper and sprayed the paper with water. I picked up my paintbrush and began adding the leftover watercolor paint to the very wet paper. I left the paper drying on my desk. thinking it would make a nice background for something. A few days later I picked it up and started looking at it and I thought I could see shapes of flowers where the paint had dried. I picked up my Faber-Castell Pitt Artist Pen and started doodling. Since that time I always use my leftover paint to make more and more watercolor wonders.

Watercolored Doodle

Stencil_DoodleFlowerThis image got its beginning from two different stencils. I traced the flower petals from one stencil while the stem and leaves came from the other stencil. Then I watercolored the base image with Sakura KOI Water Colors Pocket Field Sketch Box and and finished it off by doodling with my Faber-Castell Pitt Artist Pens.






Below are images of the two different stencils I traced to achieve the doodled flower: